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Logo for a Podcast titled On Air With Tatiana D

“On Air With Tatiana D”

A story-driven podcast about motivation, inspiration, and success in our fast-approaching post-pandemic times.

Are you’re searching for uplifting podcasts to give your spirit refreshing motivation and positive inspiration? You’ve come to the right place at the right time. Here, On-Air With Tatiana D, you’ll find a mix of thoughtful listens from authors, public figures, content creators, thinkers, and just amazing people, who refuse to be defeated by fear and uncertainty.

Let’s expand the horizon with a regular dose of insightful listening to live an emotionally fuller life. Will it be food for thoughts, or at least just a nudge to steer your life into a happier direction? I sure hope so! 

Let me know which episodes are your favorites?!

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Do you have a story to share and want to be a guest on the podcast? 

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