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A Word from the Writer

Relationships are always tough. Some will succeed, and others will fail. However, the majority will settle… And I am just me!

That sounds so serious and somewhat ambiguous, right? Well, I am just me! I’m passionate, hopelessly romantic, and always an adventurer. However, some dose of healthy sarcasm prevents me from total self-destruction! I still believe in the power of love!

I always say that relationships are tough because indeed some will get what they want, others will fail, and the majority usually will settle. They settle for some convenience, certain privileges or benefits, for fear of being alone or missing out, but not for love! It is not possible to settle for love!

You’ve got to fall in love, walk in love, be emotionally present and be willing to embrace your counterpart just the way they are and make each other better, happier, and be timeless together, having each other’s back! Team of two against the World, two best friends, two soulmates!

As I said, we don’t settle for love, we, unfortunately, settle for a breakup.

When we get the attention we crave, then we are just blissfully happy, but once we get ignored or rejected then the entire twisted knot of emotions, anger, and hurt crush us down with the endless question “Why?!!! Why me?!!" or even better one: " How dare you?!!"

What defines a broken heart? It is a very rough process of thoughts and turmoil of emotions when a girl, or a guy for that matter, is trying to make sense out of the rejection. Girls’ fantasies are clashing with harsh realities, and yet I’m still cheery and still believe in the power of love. I’m not gonna pretend and claim here to know it all, because I don’t. However, I do my best to voice out so many other beautiful and maybe not so outspoken women, who already gave up on love and possibilities of healthy relationships because they were hurt, didn’t believe in their own strength, and are giving in too much into how people around will judge them like it really matters!

I’ve been there myself, and over the years have cried and anguished through quite a few breakups and betrayals, boring companions, and nasty fake friends. I’ve seen it all, and also have consoled one or two broken souls who completely gave up on dating because it’s hard, scary, and heartbreaking. It was done to me, and it’s been done to so many others. We, girls, gotta stick together. We’ve got to build a wall of love to support those who need extra strength to break the wall of hurt! That’s the walls I’m talking about!

I’m not claiming to be a certified relationship specialist, because I’m not. I rather say I’m certified in the depth of my own heart and mind to cheer up others and tell a few satiric stories about the nature of dating and breakups. As I said, I’ve been through a few breakups, and instead of wallowing in my own sorrow I rather write a series of stories with my take on why it’s so hard to date, and what is the cornerstone obstacles to the happily forever after. My stories about the pitfalls of mature dating are with a healthy dose of humor, lots of satiric exaggeration, and a pinch of sarcastic truth. By the way, mature is not an age but rather a state of mind.

Dating is a serious business, and so is a breakup! We are trying to be the voice of many who have a story to tell, or learn from others! 

Be happy, be loved, and never give up hope, no matter what! 

Read on! 

Tatiana  :) 

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