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Tatiana Davidov




Web Designer

About me? Oooh well!

Portrait of Tatiana Davidov 2020

As publicists say the purpose of a good PR story is to educate, entertain, and enlighten Mr-Cranky-Google and some users who will take their time to read it. If that’s true, then here I go!

Preface (My face!)

I absolutely love writing!

It’s exhilarating to be at ease (on a first name basis) with a pen, or, technically, with a keyboard. Of course, the knowledge of proper grammar is a plus, but having a creative writer’s voice is absolutely vital, or essential, as they say now about anything a bit important!

That turns the page! Otherwise, your proper grammar is gonna bore to the death all of your clicking-the-windows-off readers. 


My Story: 

I was born a few decades ago in a far-far land, to be exact in the ex-Soviet Republic of Georgia. Happy childhood, music, sketching, and photography always were surrounding me. That sort of sealed my creative doom.


Being the youngest child had its perks. My always busy Mom was concentrating all of her efforts to make sure that I would be fed

and happy. She also was persistently nagging me to focus all ofmy short attention span on countless hours of playing an old piano while I secretly was dreaming about violin and ballet!


My Dad (like Popeye, the Sailor Man) while browsing oceans around the world was rarely home. Being an excellent journalist he was writing about exotic lands. Looks like the love for writing got passed down to me as his final gift.

The oldest and only brother is a shining star on my horizon and the biggest cheerleader! Not to forget mentioning two grown children, who had managed to pass through their teenhood with flying colors and now are the biggest accomplishment and pride of my life. 


The Challenges:

I wasn’t a popular kid, and God knows how much I wanted to be! Being shy was a huge social barrier! Back then, in the Republic of Georgia, there were no therapists who would sit with a poker face and pretend not to be falling asleep listening to the-ever-same stories coming from plentiful clients with ever-same faces! (No offense, I do believe in therapy, and making a light out of it now is intended only as harmless fun!) What was my alternative back then? Giving up? No way! Even being shy, I was figuring out ways to help myself. I’ve read as many books as I could find in order to grasp how to become stronger and not be afraid to speak up and stand out.


What do you know? Eventually, self-therapy got me out of the clutches of a hidden corner and away from the swamp of a choking shy-ness.

Why? I always dared to dream!


Passions and Hobbies, or What do I really do?

Nowadays I wear quite a few creative hats: podcaster, writer, photographer, web design expert, and above all - entrepreneur. Some of my interviews and stories were published in various magazines and blogs here, in the Homeland. My photography work, namely still shots of high-rank celebrities from hundreds of Red Carpets in Hollywood which I’ve covered as a photojournalist; all that was published in the US and abroad. 

The Pandemic nearly killed me, and then set me in a high gear!

I’ve been “born and raised” by WIX, they trained and certified me and let me fly! Building websites for the last seven years finally elevated me to become a WIX Partner, and now I’m running my very own web design Agency! The Agency is called BeWIXed Web Design & Communication. It is almost like Bewitched, right?

Those who have watched this popular show back in the day will understand this hidden joke. 

I love Karaoke, Museums (because History was my Major), Mexican food, and walking on a beach. Nowadays I’ve learned to binge on Netflix. Before COVID I loved going out on Saturday nights to the Live Blues concerts. Since it’s all banned, boxed, masked, isolated, and thrown away, the only beach I see for now is a virtual background in my newly-found ZOOM-ified World, where I’m finding my way to be a self-made networking leader.

Remember a song from the 90s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”? That kind of sums it all up!

Actually, I can be serious too… 

The podcast is fun and business at the same time. I love speaking my mind on and off camera, and the mic is just the means to express my mind, interview others, and raise the vibration by sharing inspiration, motivation, and positivity.

We've got to have some fun even when we do "business" of the serious stuff, isn't that true?

Honestly, the Comedienne inside me never gets to sleep and always tries to get out! 


Some Quirks:

I used to be very conscientious about my accent, since I am almost a Quadro-lingual, and that was holding me back. However, someone told me once, that part of Mr. Schwarzenegger’s charm is his accent. Hmmm! Apparently, there is some truth in it! I had a serious talk with myself and mastered speaking slowly and listen not just to what I said, but how. When I do that my accent is becoming quite charming, as I was told yet again by a different someone else.

Now I kinda started liking my accent! People pay attention more to what I’m saying because of it too.

What do you know, now I finally dared to start my very own podcast.

As some smart people say, It’s all possible, and opportunities are limitless indeed! I do it all for joy!


Secrets: (just one)

I really-really love writing! (Thank you, Daddy!)  



My Mom lived to almost 95, and losing her still is very fresh… I wish, wish, wish she still would be here. Seeing ladies of my age with their old mothers is a challenge for me. I always want to run up and share with them a painful truth: don’t lose a damn moment to assure your Moms of their daughterly love and give them an extra hug every damn extra chance you get…. I thought my own Mom would be around forever… I wish!..


What keeps me going? 

The glass is never empty, it’s always full! When a red wine visually drops well below the brim of shiny glass, then the remaining visually-empty space is actually filled with air! Have you ever thought about that?! 

I just keep going! No other way would ever be acceptable for me!


The Winning Edge:

I’m very competitive and don't like to be in the middle of a group. You wonna bet? Just throw me to a pack of wolves and I will return as their leader.

Common! Please, indeed, don't do that! Wolves might love me so much and won’t want to let me go! 


Conclusion of the sort:

I could’ve written a standard and very formal bio about my beginning and my ways, which would be accurate and yet… boring. Yes, I could, but then there are lots of those already. 

My bio is allowed to stand out. I don’t mind sharing my vulnerable side, and you, my readers, can see this real glimpse of who I truly am.

If by now you are still here with me reading it all, then I’m doing not that bad so far.

What do you think? :) 

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